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All text and images Copyright © 2006-2017 Pamela Harayda Smith/The Welkin Studio. All Rights Reserved.

Dear Pamela,

Thanks again for such wonderful service this weekend. We were so thrilled with your commitment to getting the shots and doing it right. Hope the weekend went well for you guys and that you had a safe trip back to NY.

We love the photos! These are amazing! Thanks so much for all your work to make it happen.

Mason and I are so excited about these moments that you have captured. We are telling everyone how lucky we were to have you guys. I love the arrangement that you made for us. We have no idea how to thank you guys... I am crying so hard I can barely see.

I listened on the other end of the phone whilst my mother sobbed and sniffled watching the slide show. Thank you again and I am so happy that you got it to reflect the marvelous work you do.

It was so amazing to see your sincerity tucked away into every step you took. My mother said your team were the most helpful people alive. I am so thrilled to have you in my life, Pam.

Thank you so much for your hard work, care, patience, and dedication. We're so thankful that you could be there for our day - as photographers and friends. How lucky we are to have met you and to have forged a beautiful friendship.

Again, all our thanks, love, and appreciation.

All the Best,
Mason and Chrissy